10 Best PCB Manufacturers in Europe


There have been a lot revolving about printed circuit boards but the decision to choose the right PCB is not as simple as it looks like. Although electronic manufacturers have a huge range of choices, they are still quite concerned about the versions and configurations since not every circuit board can reap the desired results.

So, to maintain optimum performance of electronic devices, it’s important to have in-depth knowledge about the features of PCBs and requirements from the equipment. Be sure not to just focus on design and availability of space, there is much more to think about- particularly temperature resistance, conduction, performance, timeliness etc.

Once businesses realize the importance of getting the right PCBs, the next most significant stage is to search for one of the best Europe PCB manufacturers. Yes, not every producer could be of help to every business. Some may specialize in manufacturing heavy-duty PCBs while others’ products may work with regular products. With that being said, it’s always advisable to get in touch with a few manufacturers and evaluate and compare their products with each other in order to figure out which one would go best for the type of electronics being produced in the near future.

Being a business owner, you might be overwhelmed with the list of Europe PCB manufacturers, claiming to be the best. But, your responsibility is to understand that not all manufacturers can produce the same quality with similar features and benefits. Therefore, the first and foremost thing is to shortlist a few producers, as mentioned below, on the basis of their professionalism, research data and customer feedback, if available. Once you have some names, it would be a lot easier to choose one as per your electronic needs.

Tips to Choose the Right PCB Manufacturer

Considering the importance of PCBs in electronic machines, it’s crucial to find a trusted and experienced manufacturer who is well aware of the dos and don’ts while producing and installing the items.

With so many emerging PCB electronic companies striving to claim the top spot in the race, it’s really difficult to hand pick one to work with. Not only you have to pay attention on their work procedure but also have to pay attention on the expertise and experience of their teams because they will be responsible to carry out the plans on the site. Therefore, they have to be trained and equipped with all tools, techniques and knowledge irrespective of the hurdles or issues arising throughout the process.

List of 5 Truested European PCB Manufacturers

Let’s have a look at some of the top-rated European PCB manufacturers and get to know about them in details:

AT & S

ats European PCB Manufacturers

AT & S has made their name among the best PCB assembly manufacturers in Europe. From designing high-end prototypes to introducing new technologies, they have made a huge difference in numerous areas, particularly aviation, medicine, healthcare etc. With international recognition of products and services, the company strives to produce IC substrates for computers, mobile phones, portable music players and cameras.

AT & S proudly owns a huge workforce of 9500 employees as well as production units in Asia and Europe, each of which works on specific technology and categories. Theis Austrian unit works on the European market and makes all efforts to maintain good relationships with customers, specialized applications of PCBS and timely production for the orders. The Korean and Indian units produce small and medial batches of European PCB prototypes for automobile industry. The European PCB manufacture prides to have the following main products under the name:

  • PCB assembly
  • Cheap PCB prototype Europe
  • 3D PCB and PCB printing

Ruwel Group


Established back in 1945, Ruwel has been serving the European market with their incredible products and services. After some time, the company was acquired by Unimicron Group of Taiwan after which, it began to report annual profits of over $2 billion. The primary reason behind this huge success was their capability to make themselves a one-stop place for tech-savvy European customers. Ruwel focuses on working with small volume high-tech products for different customers belonging to industries like renewable energy and automobile.

Moreover, they expanded themselves to the extent that now, they can product high-end PCB prototypes for both Europe and Asia. One thing that makes this PCB manufacturer a better option is their post-sales services, where they can resolve the issue by taking items to China- as their devices are mostly manufactured there. Other than that, customers can contact Ruwel for the following products:

  • Aluminum PCB
  • Flexible PCB
  • PCB prototype
  • Online PCB design
  • PCB fabrication

Wurth Electronic

Wurth Electronic

Europe PCB manufacturers are well aware of the fact that printed circuit boards are more than just component holders. Since they play a significant role in electronic designs, Wurth Electronic takes it as their responsibility to assist customers with the best possible solutions in the form of affordable PCB prototypes. Today, the manufacturer has 3 variants of PCBs with different dimensions- flex-rigid, flexible and bendable PCB board.

What makes Wurth a good choice is their products’ ability to fit into smaller casing that not every other PCB assembly can easily do. Other than that, customers, particularly from medicine, aerospace and automotive industries, can expect weight reduction, high-quality signal and cheap PCB manufacturing.

Moreover, Wurth Electronic has made their name in the following areas:

  • Double sided PCB
  • PCB transformer
  • PCB assembly services
  • Soldering PCB board
  • PCB prototype



It’s been 10 years since Multek is working in the European market for multiplayer PCB assemblies. The manufacturer pride themselves for introducing prototypes before the launch of new products in mass production. They are one of those Europe PCB manufacturers who produce rigid-flex, double-side, multiplayer and single circuit boards to meet customers’ expectations.

The thing that makes Multek different from other manufacturers is their 17-step evaluation process that makes sure every product meets thermal and electrical requirements as per IPC specifications. Moreover, Mutlek treats every project with a lot of care and attention. They start by analyzing all aspects, especially field application engineering where they used to do specification reviews to list down technical details and explain everything to the workforce based on the delegated jobs.

Mutlek has also proven skills in:

  • PCBA
  • PCB prototype
  • PCB printing
  • Blank PCB board



Being one of the cheapest yet trusted European PCB manufacturers Eurocircuits specialize in making prototypes for Hungarian and German PCB factories. Their Indian factory has the capacity to manufacture medium volume of items while the European factory meets majority of the demand coming from all over the world. Annually, the manufacturer handles more than 1 million orders with around 11,000 active customers, of which some are repetitive or regular clients.

Eurocircuits aims at manufacturing and delivering PCB prototypes as per customers’ unique specifications followed by small batches of the same for the first time in order to assure them about the quality and satisfaction so received.

To bring their services to the next level, Eurocircuits provide free online resources or tools to check DFM whereas their bilingual support team is 24/7 available to assist clients for any query at any time. As far as their major products are concerned, the company prides to specialize in:

PCB prototypes board

PCB assembly

Cheap PCB manufacturing

Soldering PCB board

List of Other 5 Trusted PCB Manufacturers In Europe

Eashub Technology


As one of the Shenzhen PCB manufacturers, Eashub PCB & Assembly has made a unique spot in the Europe market through their in-house and full services. From making prototypes to performing complete PCB assembly, this manufacturer has got their hands into each and every step. Even better, the makers can customize products as per instructions.

Eashub has the ability to handle the entire process of circuit board designing through full turnkey manufacturing. The manufacturer can:

  • Procure all the required components for production
  • Design and make prototypes for approval
  • Manufacture and examine PCBs for performance
  • Monitor quality, leading to final assembly

Apart from that, Eashub PCB is capable of working in the following domains:

  • Short-run assembly
  • Quick-turn PCB design
  • Low-volume PCB assembly
  • One-off circuit board design
  • IC programming
  • Heavy copper PCB manufacturing
  • High-quality PCB design + IPC II
  • Multiplayer PCB design
  • SMT stencil
  • PCB testing

Zhen Ding Tech


It’s because of their hard work that Zhen Ding Tech has made Europe people belief that the future can be changed if the availability of materials is enough to design the desired PCBs. They brought a revolution in the telecommuncation PCB manufacturing industry by combining 5G Technology, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Vehicles.

They broken down the complicated circuit board manufacturing procedure into small, simple steps and made it possible for every individual to learn their production. Their famous products are:

  • IC board carrier
  • Rigid Printed Circuit Board
  • High-Density Connection Board or HDI
  • Hard and soft board
  • Modular products module
  • The chip of film memory

Shennan Circuits

With the aim to set trends through their work in Europe, Shennan Circuits have been continually evolving and introducing better designing capabilities that no one had thought of before. Since their establishment, Shennan Circuits has expanded themselves across the world, having locations in China, subsidiaries in North America and R & D unit in Europe.

Striving to be the world-class service provider in PCB technology and solutions, the manufacturer has adopted multiple approaches that made them successful in one the other. Some of them are:

  • Formation of 3-in-1 printed circuit board design method, including assembly, PCB designing and substrate packaging
  • Establishment of full circuit board value chain, for electronic assembly, PCB manufacturing, micro-assembly, scheme design, and circuit board testing

Tripod Technology

Tripod Technology takes pride in introducing world-class procedures that produce high quality circuit boards to Europe. Irrespective of doing good in the market, the manufacturer always strives to make a new move to maintain their unique business model. Their environmental protection strategies are one of the key elements behind their success, which always make sure that the surroundings are not compromised in any way. Even, their R & D department goes an extra mile to bring PCB manufacturing to the next level.

Cire Group

Standing at the 9th spot, Cire Group is bringing in new vibes and better technology to let electronic devices live up to the customers’ expectations. Their existence in the list of top PCB manufacturers in evident of their incredible products and services. Not only can they make custom products but their adherence to ESA, ISO and UL standards promise customer satisfaction at any cost.

Furthermore, their space research efforts helped them to get ESA certification and EN9100 for civil and military research. Their ultra-modern facilities focus on high tech circuit boards and availability of the following:

  • Blank PCB board
  • Double-sided PCB
  • PCB prototype


Now that you have quite a long list of European PCB manufacturers along with their business and product details, it’s time to analyze your requirements and match with any manufacturers that can best work for them.If you are interested in  more reliable and affordable  PCB assembly manufacturer in China?